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This web page is dedicated to Internet marketers and their lust for profitability. Here are some programs and marketing material that worked for me and I want to share it with you. Right now I'm in "relaxation mode". I just finished writing a sales literature and instead of watching monotonous TV programs  (it's 3.17 am), I'd rather make the world a better place by giving out some very profitable information.

No, I'm not another "Mother Teresa" who likes to write articles for e-zines, participate in forums, or let drop another killer marketing tactic. 

Yes, I'm affiliated (and purchased) with the associate programs or reports below and....

Yes, they made me enough money to buy a really cool BMW (I don't mind if you don't believe me, it's OK, 'cause I'm not selling out anything).

Tip: If you want instant results, promote these programs via Overture. The secret to driving pre-qualified visitors, is by exploiting dirt-cheap keyword phrases (many tenths) and extremely targeted. Sorry, but I can't give out the very same keywords of my list for well perceived reasons.

#1: The Cyber Getaway Market>

Merchant or affiliate, you'll definitely crave for the exceptional information on devising a dynamic marketing plan to promote your products, or an opportunity. Before starting out a venture, or prospective scheme, developing a rock-solid marketing plan is the way to go. Learning how to provide a solution to a problem, is like almost knowing how to be a millionaire in a predicted occasion. The easier part nowadays to providing solutions, is to creating problems and believe me, it is easier. This marketing plan  and the invaluable advertising resources, helped me bring  thousands of hits and tenths of sales to my web sites, not to mention the numerous bonuses. Lastly, an extremely lucrative affiliate program, with 50% commissions is offered.

#2: The Underground Directory Book (or Black Bible)

I didn't buy this book, but credits go to a good-fellow of mine who purchased two versions, one for him, and for one for my birthday-gift (Hi Jay!). This book covers the most discreet and unconventional methods to keep walking in 'free spirits' all around the world. The 'insider' information is tested and applies to the street-smart capitalists, or info maniacs (better psycho maniacs -- almost kidding...). It probably still circulates because of the freedom that the Internet has to offer. It will pay you on 2 tier commission levels and can convey lots of checks with the right keyword-bids (if you want to learn optimization for free traffic, check Search Engine Pro-2001 Marketing Course).

#3: Big Web Pages Dealer Program

Start offering professionally designed web sites at very antagonistic rates and cash recurring commissions on each referred customer. After signing up, hundreds of prospect-magnet site templates will be at your fingertips. The privileges are plentiful and the dealer/associate support is robust. I've also talked over the phone with them for some related inquiries and they've been extremely supportive. Probably one of the best and most complete Virtual Dealer Opportunity. You'll also receive some sure-fire hints to start acquiring customers in almost no time.

4 instant profits use: 'opt-in' lists, friends, colleagues and relatives.

4 short-term profits use: Pay-per-click search engines

4 long-term: Search engine optimization methods and link-swapping.

#1 Internet marketing techniques + web site promotion plans  

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